Merlin Enterprise Platform

Simple and easy to use, Cloud Based, Up To Date Technologies, Highly Configurable and Global Client Base

Merlin offers flexible sale models:
whether you want multi-level marketing, one-on-one demonstrations or you want home parties organised by hosts and distributers we've got you covered

Merlin is Fully Responsive & Adaptive, configurable and provide a Clear & Intitutive Workflows with the ability to customize, extend and integrate with other services


Web and Mobile Interface

Allow the team to access Merlin anywhere, anytime and on any device

If you want a fast, stable, secure system with perfect design, one which can fit into a device no matter what size it is, then Merlin will help you represents the essence of your business and will increase the interaction between the site and your potential customers making them want to stay on it longer.


Powerful, Configurable Reporting Tools and Dashboards

We take your data to the next level

with a massive range of charts and reports you can visualise and understand your data in a simple, easy and clear way which helps you make the right decision.


Key Features

we offer a wide range of features that allows you to build the right configuration to run your organisation.


Fully integrated and configurable training and learning Module.

Replicated Websites

Enable stylish personallized CMS controlled websites for your Distributors.

Real Time Genealogies

All the information your Distributors need to get a clear view of their up and downlines.

Distributors Management

Create, register and manage your distributors.

Distributors E-wallets Management

Allow your distributors to manage their e-wallet.

Recruitment Management

Easily manage your recruitment process.

Reports & Dashboards

A wide range of reports and charts to visualize your data.

Customer Support

Available customer support to help your customers through their tech issues.

Commission Management

Create and manage your distributer commissions easily.

Auto Delivery Services

Allow your customers to automatically recieve your products.

E-Commerce System

Allow your customers to buy you products online.

3rd Party Integration

Payment Gateways, Couriers, Accounting & Warehousing Software.

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